Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beyond Boutique

Beautiful Limited Edition Holiday Collection by Free People.  A step outside familiar casual territory with a line consisting of five unique pieces sold in exclusive quantities.  Each dress, the work of a single designer, hand-crafted and .  Modeled by Cato Van Ee and shot by Anna Palma.

The creativity and imaginative spirit of the brand follows its own distinct vibe while maintaining a dedication to the current styles of the moment with their latest collection.  An eclectic mix of decades gone by, DIY, and new-age touches (think chic lines, bold accent colors, and mixed materials) characteristic of the label seem to shine through with FP's designs.  The holiday collection echos this strong sentiment.  Influences of '20s silhouettes and fabrics are felt, and a more classic, sophisticated look dominates over the more expected array of casual crops, cut-offs, and festive fringe.  There are still leather accents and highlighter-hue touches, reminding us that yes, FP is still current, young, edgy, and relevant.  But the brand is classy, too.  Sophisticated, chic, feminine, these limited edition dresses maintain the brand's desirable and high-end status.

via FreePeople.com, FashionGoneRogue.com

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  1. super beautiful bohemian styles, love the maxi dresses a lot! <3
    would you like to follow each other?