Friday, August 12, 2011

"Interrupted Volume"

Acne Resort 2012

There's something so alluring to me about nerd-chic, and Acne's collection captures just that quirky cool I find so fascinating. The styling of the models just knocks the designs out of the park, the messy up-do's and Buddy Holly frames pair effortlessly with the unique color palate and neutral undertones. The layering is quite distinct, not over the top but certainly different from what other designer's have put out before.



  1. I agree Acne Resort collection is outstanding. I am obsessed with this whole tomboy/nerdy/literary sense of style. I love how this collection has those components and it works for warmer weather too. I also think the use of color is phenomenal.

  2. acne always get it so right! i really love the hair here too. unfortunately their stuff just doesn't suit my body type, boo :(